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Narita International Airport is 65km from the center of Tokyo. The distance may discourage some travelers. However, know that in Japan, the rail network is very developed. This allows you to move almost anywhere without any worries.

So what are the most practical options for making this journey?


The safest and quickest way to reach Tokyo from Narita International Airport is to use the Skyliner Line. It is run by the Keisei Railway Company. The train departs from Keisei’s train station at Terminals 1 and 2-3. The train runs at 160km/h at speed and makes a first stop at Nippori Station (36 minutes as the fastest from Terminal 2). The second step is at Keisei Ueno Station (41 minutes as the fastest from Terminal 2). A train departs every 20 minutes during the daytime.

A one-way trip will cost 2,470 yen, but if you can purchase by travel agencies or online you will get a discounted fare. At the counter, you will need to choose your seat at the counters or the ticket machines. And, you are guaranteed a seat in a comfortable train with many services. These include: large storage space if you have many suitcases, comfortable and reclining seats with folding shelves, and electrical outlets. Also, if you purchase or claim your ticket at Keisei Railway’s Skyliner & Keisei Information Center at Narita International Airport, you will get Wi-Fi ID that you can use for 6 hours.

Keisei Railway Company “Keisei Skyliner & Tokyo Subway Ticket”

The Keisei Railway Company provides a convenient transportation pass “Keisei Skyliner & Tokyo Subway Ticket”.  This combination pass includes one-way or round trip with the Skyliner. In addition, it includes unlimited access to Tokyo subway lines for 24, 48 or 72 hours.

You can buy a Skyliner ticket directly at Skyliner & Keisei Information Center in Narita International Airport. Also, you can purchase tickets with travel agencies or on the internet before landing in Japan. Know that in Japan, transport is expensive and thus an investment in a tourist pass is often very quickly practical.

Keisei Limited Express Main Line

For those who wants to go to downtown Tokyo on budget, we recommend you to take the Limited Express on the Keisei Main Line. This train will also take you to Keisei Ueno Station. It takes 70 minutes from Narita Airport Station. You will travel through the suburbs of Tokyo. You can enjoy Japanese traditional landscapes on the train. The Keisei Main Line doesn’t have a reserved seats. It operates very frequently, and more often than the Keisei Sky Liner.

Inside of Keisei Main Line Train

Taking the Keisei Limited Express Main Line route can give you the opportunity to experience Japan for the first time. Only 10 minutes from the airport, dare to get off at the Keisei Narita Station. Here, discover the unique cultural site of Narita-san, surrounded by a beautiful garden. The company offers a useful and convenient transportation pass to this site, the Narita-Kaiun Pass. With this pass, a round trip will cost 480 yen, instead of 520 yen from the airport. You will receive discount coupons or privileges if you show this pass at Narita-san Shinsho-ji Temple and at shops along the pathway. This pass is bought directly from the automatic terminals of the departure station. (Be careful, you can not buy this pass at Keisei Narita station!) This pass is only valid on the day of purchase.

How to buy the pass directly at the automatic kiosks
How to buy the pass directly at the automatic kiosks

Narita Sky Access Express Line

This Access Express Line is convenient especially if you plan to visit Haneda Airport, or Asakusa, Nihonbashi, Ginza and Shinagawa, in Tokyo. As this line connects with Toei Asakusa Line and Keikyu Line from Oshiage Station, it makes visiting these areas easy.

Keisei Train Map
The map and all the lines previously stated

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