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Hamamatsu Museum of Music Instruments


In Hamamatsu City, there is not only a lot of good food and drinks, but there is also a lot of exceptional music! With Kawai, Yamaha and Rolland all established in that city, more than half of all music instruments in Japan are made there! It was no wonder that the city decided to open a museum when it erected Act City and other buildings within walking distance of the railway station 18 years ago!

hamamatsu,museum,music,standing drum

A huge standing drum from the South Pacifichamamatsu,museum,music,biwa
My favorite Japanese instrument, the biwa

The city then proceeded to amass a mind-boggling collection of more 1200 pieces on constant display out of more than 3000 in their vaults. The collection truly covers the whole world and the entrance fee of 400 yen (for adults) is truly ridiculous. Next time you travel or go out in Hamamatsu City, take some time to immerse yourself in the biggest public musical instruments collection in the world. The more for it when you realize that photography is allowed.

hamamatsu,museum,music,shamisenQuaint shamisen

hamamatsu,museum,music,kotoOne-string koto

hamamatsu,museum,music,banjoHand-painted 19th century US banjo

hamamatsu,museum,music,seashellsMusical sea shells

hamamatsu,museum,music,piano,sun kingA piano for the Sun King?

hamamatsu,museum,music,pianoOr a piano for his favorite

hamamatsu,museum,music,mandolinHistorical routes of the mandoline

hamamatsu,museum,music,bagpipesBagpipes from the Scots

hamamatsu,museum,music,steel drums,For a Caribbean steel band

hamamatsu,museum,music,postage,stamps,africaThey even have a collection of postage stamps on African music instruments on display

hamamatsu,museum,music,harpHarps for the Celts

hamamatsu,museum,musicSerpents/snakes from Europe

hamamatsu,museum,music,glassesGlasses are not always for drinking, a crystal glass musical instrument

hamamatsu,museum,music,,wind instrumentSome wind instruments are equipped with truly impressive mouths

hamamatsu,museum,musicA somewhat frightening steel tongue plank from Africa

hamamatsu,museum,music,drumsImpressive drums from the South Pacific

hamamatsu,museum,musicTam tams or boats


A South East Asian triple xylophone decorated with carved silhouettes

hamamatsu,museum,musicThese feathers will certainly mark out the musician in a band

hamamatsu,museum,musicI wonder if this peacock contributed its feathers to the precedent instrument?

hamamatsu,museum,music,guitar,electric guitar,YamahaYamaha electric guitars from the early ’60s, true antiques for rock n’ rollers

hamamatsu,museum,musicMake sure to visit the experimental room to try your own hand at music

Name Hamamatsu Museum of Musical Instruments (浜松市楽器博物館)
Address 3-9-1 Chuo, Naka-ku,Hamamatsu-shi, Shizuoka,Japan
3-9-1 Chuo, Naka-ku,Hamamatsu-shi, Shizuoka,Japan
Opening Hours 09:30~17:00
Price Range 800yen (Adults), 400yen (High School Students) , free (Under Junior High school Students)
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