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Kyoto – the former capital of Japan and home to countless wonderful experiences and sights to see. Among the fascinating things to do are visiting the Samurai and Ninja Museum, a popular spot full of historical artifacts and hands-on experiences, and Nishiki Market, an area highlighting Kyoto’s wonderful food culture that is bursting with flavor. Amidst all of this stands JINS Kyoto Teramachi-dori, a branch shop of the JINS eyewear brand, well-known throughout Japan for its expertise and high-quality glasses suited to each customer’s needs. With their unparalleled service, you can purchase a pair of glasses and pick them up 30 minutes later at the quickest! Embark on an evening adventure through one of Kyoto’s lively historical neighborhoods while waiting for your eyewear to be made and enjoy the perks that come with your purchase. 

The JINS Experience

Upon arrival at JINS Kyoto Teramachi-dori, you will be greeted by a sleek, modern interior with an impressive range of styles, from sophisticated and simple to bold and unique. After a brief eye examination and choosing your frames, you won’t have to wait long to receive your new pair of eyewear. The speed of JINS’ service exceeds expectations, taking as little as 30 minutes at the quickest for your glasses to be made, unlike eyewear stores abroad that don’t have in-store optometrists or the speed and quality that is characteristic of JINS. In addition, the store is usually open every day (days and hours may vary), allowing you to browse and shop whenever it is convenient for you.

JINS Night Voucher
Receive your “Night Voucher” on site for discounts in selected restaurants.

With a purchase of glasses from JINS Kyoto Teramachi-dori, you will be eligible for the “Night Voucher,” a coupon with discounts for select restaurants. You will also receive a limited edition lens cloth with charming illustrations (while supplies last).

JINS Product Lineup

In addition to their stellar service, JINS is committed to crafting high-quality products that you will use for years to come. Their frames come in a wide range of styles and with an impressive range of specialized features that are sure to impress, from new technology to designer collaborations.

Take the AirFrame glasses for example. They promise comfort and deliver it, made with a lightweight resin that is light and flexible without compromising on durability. The lightest AirFrame model weighs in at just 5.7 grams! Moreover, the glasses come in a variety of frames and styles in simple colors that can be integrated seamlessly into any style.

Next in line are the JINS SCREEN lenses, specially made to cut out blue light, which can have negative side effects on your eyes. They are essential for those of us who spend too much time looking at screens, whether for work or binge-watching our favorite shows. These lenses cut 25 to 60 percent of blue light but look natural and effortless. In addition, JINS SCREEN KIDS is a new lineup of blue light glasses especially made for children to protect their sensitive eyes while using computers and playing games for long stretches of time. 

For more high-tech eyewear, take a look at the JINS PROTECT series. These eyewear frames are made specifically to protect your eyes from pollen. While these glasses cannot help with runny noses or sore throats, they do protect your eyes with a design that fits the contours of the face to reduce the gap and keep out unwanted matter. 

Finally, JINS collaborates with brands to create unique glasses that you won’t find anywhere else. These special designs are perfect for people looking for some variety and something a little more colorful, combined with the sophistication and stylishness that JINS is known for. With sleek designs and many styles to choose from, all of JINS’ glasses are both functional and stylish!

Exploring Culture and Cuisine in Kyoto’s Busy Shopping Street

While waiting for your new glasses after your eyewear experience at JINS Kyoto Teramachi-dori, why not go ahead and explore a bit of Kyoto? From the store, step out onto Teramachi Kyogoku, a bustling covered shopping street that is popular with tourists and locals alike. Here, you’ll find everything from cafes and restaurants, to vintage clothing stores, gift shops, and cultural attractions. 

One popular spot is the Samurai and Ninja Museum, a family-friendly experience that’s perfect for visitors to Kyoto. The museum has an impressive collection of authentic Edo-period swords, armor, tools, and more, bringing to life the history of Japan’s feudal era and its famed warriors. Nearby is Nishiki Market, a 390-meter-long shopping street with a history dating back 400 years.

Two women at a food stall on the Nishiki market
All kinds of delicacies can be tasted at the Nishiki Market in Kyoto. Photo: Owen Roth

In the market, also known as “The Kitchen of Kyoto,” you’ll take a step back in time and explore deeper into Kyoto’s culinary traditions. And these are just two of the many unforgettable experiences to enjoy during your visit to Kyoto!

Meandering Through A Charming Kyoto Alley

Your next stop of the evening is Pontocho-dori. The evening is a perfect time to walk along this cobbled alley only a few steps away from the busy street. Lit up by the soft glow of paper lanterns, take your time and enjoy all the little details that give the alleyway its charm.

You will find yourself surrounded by the soft sounds of laughter and conversation coming from inside the restaurants lining the street, the perfect segway from the busy shopping street to your next destination. 

Admire Nature on a Bridge With a View

At the end of your exploration of Pontocho-dori is Sanjo Ohashi Bridge. Originally built in 1590, this historic bridge has been restored and renovated over the years, while maintaining its stately beauty. The bridge carries traffic and pedestrians over the Kamo River, a waterway that cuts through the middle of Kyoto from North to South. Walking paths on either side of the river offer residents and tourists alike an opportunity to enjoy the beauty of all four seasons along the banks of this marvelous green space. 

Learn the History of Honnoji Temple

Experience a touch of the spiritual at Honnoji Temple, a Buddhist site rich in history that was founded by the monk Nichiryu. The serene atmosphere and stone pathways lined with lush greenery are a welcome way to experience the spirituality of Japan’s cultural capital. Originally built in 1415, Honnoji Temple is the site of the famous Honnoji Incident and several disastrous fires, so what you see now was rebuilt in 1928.

After a look at this peaceful temple with a not-so-peaceful past, it should be the perfect time to head back to JINS Kyoto Teramachi-dori to pick up your new eyewear, speedily crafted with uncompromising care and quality. 

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