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Walking along the beach is a romantic and breathtaking escape from rush hour and the urban jungle. Momochihama beach offers just such a getaway at the seaside in Fukuoka, with complete and comfortable facilities in the surrounding area.

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The beach is not far from Fukuoka Tower, so many local residents and visitors stop to spend the afternoon in the Momochihama area, often playing sports on the sand. It also located near other places of interest in the waterfront area, such as the Fukuoka City Museum, Fukuoka Library, and others. There is also a mall and the Robosquare building, where visitors can meet several robots and learn about their creation.

Waterside view of the opposing city skyline.

There are many restaurants located along the seaside, providing visitors affordable options for a romantic dinner along the beach. Some restaurants are open daily from 11:30 to 23:00, while the beach is open anytime. Momochihama beach offers the best spot for swimming near Hakata Bay. Japan has an abundance of beaches, but their geography often means that they are not good spots for swimming, all of which which adds to Momochihama’s popularity.

Sunset through a cloudy sky over the water.

The waterfront area of Fukuoka is easy to access. It is just 15 minutes away by bus from Tenjin station or 25 minutes from Hakata station, with the trip costing 230 yen one way. Travelers can also take the train, using the Fukuoka City Subway Kuko Line from Hakata station and stopping at Nishijin station. The trip takes about 13 minutes and costs 260 yen one way.

Rocky beach before the shore.

Visitors can buy a one-day pass for the Fukuoka subway for just 600 yen, making it an ideal option for those who want to spend the day sightseeing. With the seaside so close, Momochihama offers a convenient and scenic getaway for those in Kyushu who are hoping to escape the rush of the city.

Sandy beach shore before the water.

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