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Arita Ceramics

Try your hand at making your own Arita ceramics!

On a trip to Arita, why not design your own ceramics to take home with you?

Atelier Yume shop where you can try Arita ceramics painting

ceramic painting lesson in Arita


Design your very own Ceramic

At “Atelier Yume” – just a ten minute walk from Kamiarita Station – you can design your own unique Arita ceramics. The store is run by friendly staff who provide all the materials you need to make your own creation.

Before you start designing, you can choose what kind of ceramic you would like to make. There is a selection of plates and cups of various sizes to choose from. You can also see some finished results for an idea of how it will look when completed and fired. Before being fired in the kiln, these ceramics are a kind of light brown colour which becomes white and glazed by the time you receive it.

ceramic painting in Arita


How to paint your unique Design

Painting your ceramics is easy, even if you’re not so confident in your art skills! You have a chance to draw out your design on paper before you start painting, so you can try drawing various designs before you decide. In total you have an hour to 90 minutes in each session to complete your design, so there’s plenty of time to think about what you want to draw. Paper and pencils are provided for you to have a go at this, and you can look at some of the ceramics designed by the staff to give you some ideas. It’s all left up to you though so you can make something special!

ceramics painting in cat and heart

If you’re not sure what to draw you can take a look around at some of the designs made in store. Staff at this store don’t speak much English but can show you exactly what to do by demonstrating, so you’re unlikely to have any communication problems! If you do need to translate something, just contact the Saga Travel Call Center.

Cat drawing

After drawing out your design on paper you can then draw directly on to the ceramic with pencil. This doesn’t show up after the ceramic is fired and completed though, so you can simply use it as a guide when you add the paint.

After drawing out your design on paper you can then draw directly on to the ceramic with pencil.


Use various Colours to create something Special

Then it’s time to paint! The staff explain how to use the paint and demonstrate for you. Everything is set out ready for you to use, just mix the paint and drain the brush before you apply the paint to your ceramic. As you paint, you hold the brush pointing directly down onto the ceramic as if you are drawing onto it with pen. Using the tip of the brush you can draw thin lines and even write something on the ceramic. You could personalise it, or add the name of someone you’d like to give it to.

painting ceramics in Arita

After using the fine brush for drawing your design you can fill in areas using a fainter colour with a thicker brush.

This is also a fun activity for kids, especially if they love anything crafty.

you can fill in areas using a fainter colour with a thicker brush.


Getting your completed Ceramic sent to you

When you are finished, the completed design just needs to be fired in the kiln before it can be sent on to you to take home. Your finished creation will be posted to you, so the staff give you a delivery slip to write the address of the hotel or home you are staying in. They can also help you with this if you’re not completely sure of the address. This takes around a week in total, so be sure to have enough time!

Of course you can also buy some of the stores original Arita ceramics. Atelier Yume has a cute selection of ceramic cats in the entrance. Look out for these when you’re looking for the store! This is the store’s speciality and you might find yourself wanting to take one home along with your own creation.

you can also buy some of the stores original Arita ceramics.


The finished product

Your completed ceramic will be delivered to you and you now have your very own unique Arita ceramic! This is a great way to experience the creation of this traditional ware as well as being able to create something that’s all your own.

When you receive the completed ceramic in the post it will have been glazed. The colour will be white like the Arita ceramics you see in shops, so it’ll look different to how you see it when you design it.

finished ceramic


How to make a reservation

It costs 1,650 yen for one plate or cup. Domestic delivery is around 500 yen, and you pay this when you receive your ceramic. You can contact the shop to make a reservation – for help with this you can call the Saga Travel Call Center. Reservations are not always necessary, though to be sure you have a chance to try this unique craft, it may be best to make one!

Why not make your own unique souvenir to take home and try your hand at this old craft? It’s also a lovely way to make a unique gift for someone special!

Arita ceramics


Need Help? Contact the Saga Travel Call Center

24/7 Assistance available in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese,Russian,Thai, Korean, Chinese (Mandarin & Cantonese), Vietnamese and  Indonesian!!


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