Shodai Yaki pottery mugs made by Mr Yamaguchi
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Shodai Yaki Pottery and Bamboo Chopsticks: Making the Most of Tamana’s Natural Resources

sponsored by Northern Kumamoto Administrative Headquarters During my stay in Tamana, Northern Kumamoto Prefecture, I had the opportunity to visit two businesses which, despite their differences, were very similar. Both companies made use of the area’s natural resources, unique knowledge and passion for beauty to…
Hammering the impurities out of iron
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The Unbroken Tradition of Japanese Swords and Samurai Culture in Arao, Kyushu

sponsored by Northern Kumamoto Administrative Headquarters “Strike while the iron’s hot.” I always knew what this meant, though never witnessed it in its complete, literal meaning. That is, until one stormy day, while the furnace roars and hammers clang, Mr. Matsunaga of Arao, Kumamoto leads…