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Often vegan, always healthy and delicious, Magokoro cafe in Kamakura offers hemp-inspired meals for pretty much any food preference. If their extensive menu listing food, snacks, and beverages doesn’t entice you, the beautiful beach scenery, relaxing atmosphere, and friendly staff will. This cafe truly provides one of the most unique, fresh and inspired eating experiences, which you are unlikely to find anywhere else.

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Earthy exterior for Magokoro cafe, providing a few vegan dishes

Magokoro cafe blew me away on my first visit. The hemp curry was fresh and creamy, while the delicate cake that followed was even better. On my most recent visit, their season-inspired sakura cake (¥610) was my inclination.

A vine-sprawl design over Magokoro cafe interior walls, Kamakura

As if by some kind of witchcraft, Magokoro cafe managed making a taste not only deliciously nutty and smooth, but also completely fresh and healthy. It was a delightful taste without giving you that sluggish feeling you might get after devouring a great slab of chocolate fudge cake. Its sweetness was perfectly measured with a sturdy spongy cake that reminded me of England. It was the best cake I have had since coming to Japan. With Magokoro changing their menus seasonally, there is always something new to try.

Sakura sponge cake alongside coffee overlooking Kamakura beach, Magokoro cafe also offers vegan dishes

Magokoro, restaurant, Kamakura, hemp, vegetarian, vegan

The Magokoro cafe interior, staff, and food blend together perfectly with a relaxing view of Kamakura beach, all over soothing background music. Sofas, interesting artwork, are an added bonus, along with vegan or natural goodies eaten atop natural, wooden tables. This cafe serves as a relaxing haven for the mind, soul, and stomach. You can also take time for a look around the shop, which features art, crafts, organic clothing, and sundry hemp products, including soaps, moisturizers, and powder which can be added into recipes at home.

Kamakura cafe Magokoro exterior, with a menu that often features vegan or vegetarian options

Considered a healthy food, hemp provides a protein that infuses food with a satisfyingly nutty quality, but working with the ingredient is quite difficult. Although gaining popularity with vegan cooking, since hemp is still an uncommon ingredient, age-old recipes or years of experimentation using hemp simply don’t exist. Magokoro cafe needed to experiment and create new recipes for their menu. They have done incredibly well, managing a masterful balance between their ingredients and an infusion of popular food with their healthy, delicious, fresh-tasting twist.

Hemp, a popular vegan ingredient, constitutes many Magokoro cafe dishes overlooking a Kamakura beach

Magokoro cafe raises hemp’s profile while introducing it as a diverse, vegan, eco-friendly, and healthy product. So while you’re chomping on that moist, deliciously nutty cake, you can rest assured you are doing something good for your body.

Entry to Magokoro cafe, celebrating vegan ingredient hemp, Kamakura

Vegan or not, I highly recommend this cafe. Not only does it offer a fusion of health, wellness, and relaxation, it is also the experience you will find difficult finding anywhere else. Be healthy, be adventurous, and relax for hours within this atmospheric haven.

Interior layout at Magokoro cafe providing vegan hemp products, Kamakura

Lunch: 11:30 ~ 15:00

Cafe: 15:00 ~ 17:30

Dinner: 17:50 ~ 21:00

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