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To make your travel around Okinawa more unusual I would highly recommend stopping by Onna-son (恩納村) village located in Kunigami District in the central part of Okinawa Island. It stretches almost 30 km along the western coast and it is characterized by the mountainous scenery of Sekiryo Mountains with Mount Onna being the highest point in the village.

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Okinawa’s Top Nature Views

Onna-son is not only the most famous hotel resort destination but also a place that by its charming and naturally beautiful landscape it is considered as one of the most astonishing nature spots in Okinawa. It overlooks the East China Sea and it is blessed with beautiful coral reefs, pristine white beaches, and breathtaking ocean views.

The Sleepy Town of Onna-son in Okinawa

In the past, it was a sleepy, tiny village disconnected from major tourist attractions in Okinawa. And even though nowadays is one of the most famous tourist destinations it still embodies a drowsy atmosphere which is very unique in busy touristic areas of Okinawa. However, with its long history of agriculture and craftsmanship, it offers a great traveling experience for those who seek to experience local lifestyle and a slow pace exploration.

Snorkeling, Diving and Other Activities in Okinawa

Apart from being a great spot for diving and snorkeling in such places as Madea Point, Onna-son is also an interesting area to take long walks along the rocky coast. If you plan to go there upon your traveling in Okinawa I highly recommend having a stroll around Cape Manza, known as”Manzamo” and named by the king of Ryukyu who visited it in the 18th century.

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Scenic Views and Places to Eat in Okinawa’s Onna-son

Cape Menza is famous for its iconic, dramatic cliffs and sunset views in Okinawa. Whilst you are there you will observe raging waves hitting the cliffs, beautiful coral reefs, and transparent emerald ocean. A  stroll along the winding track will enable you to experience some peace and serenity and be close to nature. Natural grass is spread over the cluster of plants and it is undoubtedly considered as Okinawan natural scenic beauty. Certainly, it is a popular place to stop for a picnic or play some sports. Many vendors are nearby selling souvenirs, food, and drinks to tourists, but I would suggest you should go to Umi Budou restaurant where you will eat traditional delicious Okinawan cuisine.

Beautiful sea in Onna-son, Okinawa

There are other great areas to see around Onna-son to name a few such as Manza Beach, Fukucha Beach, Onna-son Museum, and underwater observatory boats. However, to me watching a spectacular sunset at Manzamo, a must-see place in Okinawa is one of the reasons why it is worth going to Onna-son.

The best way to reach Onna-son is by car. It takes approximately 80 min to get there from Naha Airport. Visit the Onna-Son Official Website for more information.

Dagmara Korecka

Dagmara Korecka

Dagmara is a designer and writer of Polish life style magazine, currently living and working in Tokyo. Her biggest passion is traveling and exploring what has been hidden and unknown as well as meeting people from all over the world and experiencing new cultures. She loves cycling, yoga and long walks. As a food lover, she deeply scrutinizes gastronomy world and Japanese cuisine through her own cooking and creating own recipes. The best way for her to relax is to go to hot spring or read a book.


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    My wife Chieko Gushiken Adams receives the ONNA newsletter.. Is this newsletter online so she can expand the pictures for better viewing?

    • Avatar voyapon admin says:

      Hi Jay, thank you for your question. We did a search online for an Onna Newsletter (in English and Japanese) and weren’t able to find a newsletter. You may want to check out the Onna-son website (https://www.vill.onna.okinawa.jp/) to access some of the pictures they have on their site.

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