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I am not a fan of creative showbiz, but I thought of visiting this place only because my guidebook suggested it. What lay ahead was something I never imagined before entering the famous Shinjuku Robot Restaurant. At the end of the show, I could confidently confirm that it was indeed a unique and memorable experience.

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Dinosaur robot looks realistic!

Dinosaur robot


Like any other form of creative art, the perception entirely depends on the individual. If you are a fun-loving, playful person with a heart open to all that comes to you, it might be a worthwhile experience for you too. I would strongly recommend anyone to visit the Robot Restaurant. When I was there, I could feel majority of the audience were enjoying the show and having an absolute blast. The special attractions of the place are giant robots, flashing lights, smoke… and more smoke, special effects on stage, bikini girls, bikini girls on the machines, fighting with robots. All of this is obviously teamed up with alcohol and snacks.


Robot restaurant is situated in Shinjuku


When I entered the Robot Restaurant I was asked to sit in a waiting lounge where I could purchase drinks, and enjoy jazz music. About four floors underground is where the show is actually performed, and access to food and drinks is limited in this area. The show was outrageous, crazy, entertaining and beyond the description of words. I don’t quite know how to pen down my experience, the first impression of the restaurant being so weird, but at the end of it I was happy that I went!


The show is performed here!

The show


The show was probably the most entertaining performance I have ever seen in my life, and if someone asked me to rate the show on its performance, the entertainment quotient would be very high in my books! However, the show only focused on entertainment and there is very little story to look forward to. I do not know if this place can exactly fit in the restaurant category, because it only serves drinks and some snacks. I would suggest that one should not be starving before going there, as a full course meal is not actually available at the venue. I should also mention that once you are seated, it is difficult to get out. There is also a chance that you might get hit by a robot!


you can catch the sight of various types of robot here


The restaurant is in high demand, so it is better to make a note of the details before paying a visit. An online reservation can be made here.


One of scenery taken in shinjuku ,which is decorated with anime colors


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