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Delicious soba noodles in the Ancient Watermill House of Sobachaya Fukiagean

kagoshima soba restaurant

Definitely, I will never get bored of soba noodles. I could eat soba dishes almost every day and I know I will not be fed up with them. Why? Simply, soba is healthy, nutritious and delicious. What’s more, there’s a wide variety of ways preparing soba. You can enjoy a different meal and slightly distinctive taste each time.

There are numerous great places in Kagoshima area where soba is served. Each of them is unique in itself not only because their soba differs but also due to contrasting customer service they provide. One of my favorite and most well-regarded among local inhabitants due to it’s delicious flavor and quality is Sobachaya Fukiagean restaurant, scattered around Kagoshima.

Sobachaya Fukiagean water mill in Kagoshima

I had a chance to visit it in Hioki town area, where one of the restaurants is located by a small current of river, presenting itself gracefully on the picturesque background of nature. The whole restaurant is an old traditional Japanese house made out of timber that is still powered by a rotating mill will. The mill wheel is undoubtedly the main design feature of this stunning architectural construction. Almost every Japanese house in the area is also decorated by neatly arranged miniature gardens.

Sobachaya Fukiagean shop, Kagoshima

Sobachaya Fukiagean exterior, Kagoshima

Although I was queuing for a long time until I got seated, the overall experience was worth putting my patience at stake. The exterior of the restaurant was very impressive, as was the interior; it was certainly no disappointment! Attention to detail is present in each corner and fancy elements derived from Japanese fold culture make the restaurant more cozy and appealing.

Sobachaya Fukiagean soba restaurant in Kagoshima

Sobachaya Fukiagean soba restaurant in Kagoshima

The restaurant is divided into to two dining areas: a traditional seating area with low tables and tatami flooring, located a floor level above and a normal area one focused around a counter bar. If you chose to be seated in the traditional zone, please remember about taking your shoes off! However, if you want to enjoy the view of a chef preparing your soba then it’s advisable to sit down by the counter bar.

Sobachaya Fukiagean soba restaurant, Kagoshima

sake bottles

The restaurant is frantically busy and hectic. Waitresses run from one table to another taking orders very quickly. At a quick glance it might appear disorganized and chaotic, but their work ethic is quite efficient. This so called apparent chaos adds an additional, unique vibe to the atmosphere.  The menu is straightforward as it contains photos. It’s fairly easy to order a meal even if you do not speak Japanese at all. Pickles and green tree are free and you’re more than welcome to ask for seconds!

soba meal set in restaurant

Sobachaya Fukiagean soba


Since this restaurant makes their own organic soba noodles you can easily imagine how tasty the dishes are. Whichever you chose from the menu, you won’t be let down and I’m certain your stomach will be fully satisfied!

You can also buy soba products by the cashier near the entrance before you pay your bill. I highly recommend the soba noodles that are fried and seasoned with different spices. It’s one of the best Japanese snacks in my opinion and an absolute delight!

Sobachaya Fukiagean

Unfortunately, this branch of restaurants can only be found in Kagoshima, making this a rare treat. So if you’re a true enthusiast of Japanese cuisine, you should undeniably visit it!

Useful information and links:

The best way to reach Hioki city is by car, you can rent one in Kagoshima here.

Official Fukiagean website.

NameSobachaya Hukiagean
AddressJapan, 〒899-3309 Kagoshima Prefecture, Hioki, Fukiagecho Yokura, 3097−5
Access[map]Japan, 〒899-3309 Kagoshima Prefecture, Hioki, Fukiagecho Yokura, 3097−5[/map]
Opening Hours10:30-21:00
Price Range~1000 Yen
Payment optionsCash