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Simple to use and convenient, the Nishitetsu bus service has comprehensive bus routes around Fukuoka as well as the rest of Kyushu and other areas of southern Japan.

Nishitetsu bus terminal in Hakata, Fukuoka

Nishitetsu bus routes cover most areas within Fukuoka city. They are easy to use. Just get on at the centre door of the bus and take a ticket, or scan your IC card. The next stop is shown on a screen at the front of the bus, usually in English as well as Japanese so it is hard to miss your stop.

Nishitetsu’s high speed buses offer a fast and direct way to get to many popular destinations. The bus routes depart from and arrive in Hakata and Tenjin, where easy to follow guides show you where to buy tickets and board. There are ticket machines in the bus terminals that can be used in English, and signs above the departure gates display everything in English and Japanese.

ticketing machine for bus tickets

Ticket machines have an English language option, as well as Chinese and Korean. Some card payment options are available: JCB, American Express and Diners Club. You cannot use IC cards for payment here however.

ticketing machine for bus tickets

In the recently refurbished Tenjin terminal, everything is well organised and easy to find. The new design feels almost like an airport with the various gates and comfortable waiting areas. Computer screens by the entrance display all the information for departures in English and are constantly updated.

Monitor displaying departure times for bus in Fukuoka

You can also board these buses directly from Fukuoka Airport and go straight to your destination.

Tour buses are operated from Fukuoka City to popular destinations including Beppu and Kagoshima. They offer an easy way to directly access some of Kyushu’s most beautiful areas, such as hot springs and some stunning natural sights. There are various courses which take place over a few days, taking you around the sights before stopping at a hotel. Most of these courses depart from Fukuoka Airport, and stop at Hakata Station before heading for the destination.

For all bus services you can use IC cards. If you do not have one and are interested in having one, Nishitetsu also has their own card called “Nimoca”- which is available to buy at their stations. They also offer a one-day pass which can be used on all Nishitetsu buses and trains. It costs 2,500 for adults and 1,250 for children (see their website for full details on limitations).

For full details on Nishitetsu’s bus services, visit their website. They have an English website with plenty of useful information on how to use their buses as well as their many other services.

Nishitetsu Tenjin Expressway bus terminal information.

Lauren Lewis

Lauren Lewis

I'm from the UK and I've lived in Kyushu since 2011, four years in Saga and now in Fukuoka City. I love living here and look forward to sharing some of what it has to offer!

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