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Sponsored by Nagiso TownYui-an Hostel and Cafe Building

Yui-an Hostel and Cafe: Tradition and Modernity Existing in Perfect Harmony

The Yui-an Hostel and Cafe is so much more than just a place to sleep, it’s an experience. Hiro and Rie, the hosts, provide a chance to live in the surroundings of historical Japan, while at the same time enjoying the convenience of the modern day. The house, a type of farm house that is over 200 years old, once belonged to a successful silk farmer. The building you see today is the result of 2 1/2 years of renovations. In the interior, a legitimate work of art designed personally by Hiro, perfectly maintains the atmosphere of a 200-year-old house, while at the same time creating a kind of ‘home away from home’ feeling. A stay at Yui-an Hostel and Cafe is sure to provide a unique and unforgettable experience during your visit to Japan!

Yui-an Hostel and cafe Unique Artwork

Yui-an Hostel and Cafe entrance


Everything you need to know about Yui-an:

For travelers who haven’t stayed in a hostel before here is some information about Yui-an Hostel and Cafe that you may find useful.

  1. Check-in: 4 pm – 9 pm, Check-out: 10 am
  2. Lights out: 10 pm
  3. Breakfast (7-8am) 500 yen, Dinner 900 yen
  4. Private shared shower (4-9pm/6-9am) +wooden bath 200 yen
  5. Bath towel (200 yen), Face towels (100 yen), and toothbrushes (100 yen) are available for purchase.
  6. Shoes must be removed at the entrance
  7.  There are 3 rooms in the house available to guest- 2 private rooms and 1 mixed 10 person dormitory room
  8. Wifi is available
  9. CLOSED during the month of February
  10. Vegetarian and Vegan meals are available
  11. Hosts speak English and Japanese

Dining Area at Yui-an Hostel and Cafe

Bathroom at Yui-an Hostel and Cafe

Bathroom at Yui-an Hostel and Cafe

My Stay at Yui-an Hostel and Cafe: Hosts, Food, and Accommodation

My stay at Yui-an Hostel and Cafe began when my host, Hiro, picked me up at Nagiso Station (Yui-an offers a shuttle to and from JR Nagiso Station). After a quick 10 minute drive, we arrived at the house. From the moment I stood at the entrance of the house, I knew that I was going to experience something profoundly unique. After removing my shoes and entering the main living room, I was greeted by my second host, Hiro’s wife, Rie. She asked if I’d like to have dinner, I said yes, and she recommended that I take a shower while she prepared my meal. She then proceeded to give me a short tour of the house and showed me to my room. The dinner was curry and rice with some pickled vegetables and radish shaving with corn (I think). I had never had curry before, and believe me when I say that I am probably the world’s pickiest eater. So when I say that this meal was delicious, that means that it was delicious, Rie has a true talent for cooking, so I assure you that whatever she makes for you will not be disappointing.

Curry Dinner at Yui-an Hostel and Cafe

Bar at Yui-an Hostel and Cafe

For someone like me, a huge fan of traditional Japanese…everything, walking through the rooms of this house was like living a dream or stepping into the past. The giant wooden beams, sliding doors, and tatami floors all worked together to exude an atmosphere similar to the feeling of walking through the historical buildings of Nara, Kyoto, or Kamakura. While at the same time, I was able to notice the modern details like vintage cameras, a wood stove oven, and the nostalgic Edison style light bulbs that give the house an artistic flair.

Shared Area at Yui-an Hostel and Cafe

Bar at Yui-an Hostel and Cafe


My First Time Staying at a Hostel

This was actually my first time staying at a hostel, and I loved every moment I spent at Yui-an. However, because I visited Nagiso during the winter, which is not a very busy time of year for tourism; I was the only person staying that night. Which was beneficial because I was able to stay in the private room, however, be aware that the rooms can get pretty cold at night so if you’re visiting during the colder months bring something warm to sleep in. I would have liked to experience what the house is like when it is filled with other guests, but unfortunately, there were none during my stay.

Traditional Room at Yui-an Hostel and Cafe

1st floor Private Room

Before leaving the next morning I had breakfast, toast with cheese and honey along with a cup of coffee, it definitely wasn’t the most filling breakfast I’ve ever had but I was very good.

Breakfast at Yui-an Hostel and Cafe

Cheese Toast and Coffee Breakfast

The View from Yui-an Hostel and Cafe

Mountain View from the Yui-an Balcony


Booking Your Stay at Yui-an Hostel and Cafe/Access

You can book your stay at Yui-an Hostel and Cafe at: Booking.com (http://www.booking.com/Share-xjAXNR) or by calling them at Phone #: 0264-40-1001

You can also follow Yui-an on their social media accounts:



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