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Steel Dragon 2000, A World-Record Roller Coaster in Japan!

Steel Dragon, Nagashima Spa Land, roller coaster, Mie, Ise, Kuwana

Steel Dragon 2000 in Nagashima Spaland , For an Adrenaline Seeker!

Are you an adrenaline seeker? Take a look into the Steel Dragon 2000! I’m one of those adrenaline seekers, but when I stepped into the roller coaster in Nagashima Spaland Amusement Park in Kuwana, Mie Prefecture, I wanted to run and give back the ticket.

Nagashima Spa Land is situated in Ise city in mie prefecture and it's pretty famous for the longest roller coaster called Steel Dragon
Steel Dragon 2000’s track

Steel Dragon 2000, The Longest Roller Coaster in The World!

Steel Dragon 2000 is famous as the longest roller coaster in the world. It is a wild ride for around four minutes, so if you have health troubles, especially with your heart, do not ride this because it will throw you from 97 meters high!

You'll be excited to imagine yourself riding this steel dragon
Cherry blossoms under the roller coaster

Steel dragon 2000 is so named because it opened in 2000, the Year of the Dragon. It has a speed of 153 kilometers per hours with a drop of 93.5 meters. As I said, I really wanted to turn back but the staff had already put me into the second chair of the roller coaster, so I had no choice.

You'll be definetely astonished to see how long steel dragon in nagashima spa land is!
Driving you crazy

Reaching Nagashima Spaland Amusement Park takes around an hour from Nagoya by local train. Get off at Kuwana Station, then take a 20-minute bus ride that costs around 500 yen and you will find the giant amusement park.

This is the view at the moment of sunset in Nagashima Spa Land
Sunset behind Steel Dragon 2000

Nagashima Spaland, General Information

The admission fee is 1,600 yen, while the cost for each ride varies. Steel Dragon 2000 is one of the top three rides and costs 1,000 yen. It will drive you crazy for the next four minutes. I screamed so loud and felt while going around the high-speed curves that I was going to fall from the sky.

Riding the longest roller coaster in the world is a greatly brave challenge
Your heartbeat will speed up on the Steel Dragon

Riding the longest roller coaster in the world is a great challenge for adrenaline seekers. There is a long queue for the ride as many people are curious about the roller coaster, but riding it once will make you addicted.

The night view of steel dragon in Nagashima Spa Land
The view of Steel Dragon at night

The Steel Dragon moves slowly up hill and stops for a while before it starts running at top speed. I left my heart at the starting point, just screaming loudly with my eyes closed. After around two and a half minutes, the dragon finally slowed down and I opened my eyes, but it was a trick. It sped up again entering a tunnel and came out, running to the finishing point. It’s recommended to buy a one-day passport so you can ride the roller coaster as many times as you want!

NameNagashima Spa Land
CategoryAmusement Park
Address〒511-1192 Mie Prefecture, Kuwana, Nagashima-cho, Urayasu 333
Access[map]〒511-1192 Mie Prefecture, Kuwana, Nagashima-cho, Urayasu 333[/map]
Opening Hours09:00 - 17:00
Price RangeAdmission starting from 1,600 yen
Payment optionsCash

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