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When you think of Kamakura, what comes to mind? Quaint streets? Buddhist temples? Serene mountain paths, waiting for hikers to conquer them? Quite likely, but have you ever pictured yourself enjoying a piece of German-style cake out here, at a bakery thousands of kilometers away from its natural habitat?

German bakery Bergfeld in Kamakura

Bäckerei & Konditorei Bergfeld (“mountain meadow bakery” in English) is open daily from 9:00 to 18:30 except for  Tuesdays and every third Monday. Its location is within walking distance of Kamakura Station, so it’s a natural starting point for your travels around Kamakura should you need some nutrition and are prepared to taste something unique.

Assortment of breads in a German bakery Pastries and breads

The staff is Japanese, so those hoping to dust off their German skills from their school days will be disappointed. The bakery, though, is quite German. From the wooden furniture to the lovely arranged decor items on the shelves and some conveniently placed pictures of German landscapes, the tiny store area brings to life a stereotypical German bakery atmosphere right here in Japan.

Interior of German bakery in Kamakura
The bakery is popular with Kamakura locals, so don’t expect to have a lot of space to navigate. On the other hand, this attests to the fact that the goods you can purchase are quite tasty and not just a treat for tourists. There are some baked goods that might as well have come from Germany but apparently have no actual German background. Instead, they are an interpretation of what German cake could look like. There are also some products that taste just like the baked goods you would find in any bakery in Germany.

German Sesambrötchen (sesame bread roll)

So whether it’s a German Sesambrötchen (sesame bread roll) or a Japanese-style strawberry cake, Bäckerei & Konditorei Bergfeld will give both your taste buds and your eyes a truly enjoyable treat.

Assortment of breads from a German bakery

Prices are quite reasonable — a bit above convenience store levels, but nothing that will break your bank — and it’s a taste you’ll be hard-pressed to find elsewhere in Japan. Going the extra mile, you could bring some cheese or sausage which will further upgrade your bread roll and have an all-out European breakfast to go as you get ready for your hike around Kamakura.


Name Bäckerei & Konditorei Bergfeld
Category Bakery
Address 3-9-24 Yukinoshita, Kamakura-shi, Kanagawa-ken
Access [map]3-9-24 Yukinoshita, Kamakura-shi, Kanagawa-ken[/map]
Opening Hours 9:00-18:30
Price Range 200 - 1,000 yen
Payment options Cash
Duncan & Yannik

Duncan & Yannik

Dünkan and Yanník are a dynamic duo of travel enthusiasts and photographers from Northern and Southern Germany. With a combined experience of over 20 years in Japan they will get to the bottom of every issue concerning undiscovered travel opportunities in Japan.

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