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Imagine arriving at Kamakura station early in the morning and needing some flavorful and tasty nutrition to properly start your exploring of the area’s incredible sights to see, or needing a respite from your tourism adventure. One good place to visit is a small, artisanal establishment called Cafe Dimanche (カフェ・ディモンシュ), which is open every day from 09.00 to 18.00, with the exception of Thursday.

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Inside Cafe Dimanche, a cafe in Kamakura

The easiest way to reach this cafe is by foot, as it’s just a few minutes’ walk away from JR Kamakura station. After arriving, be aware that there are two exits to the station: the western and eastern exits. The fastest way to reach Cafe Dimanche is by taking the eastern exit and walking toward the famous Omiyage Shopping Street. There, one can find a wide selection of products, gifts, souvenirs, restaurants, and cafes, all filled with lots of local charm and having something to offer to every visitor.

coffee beans selection in a cafe

Cafe Dimanche is a traditional – yet comparatively small – establishment, featuring only 11 tables. As one would expect, the cafe serves various types of coffee, such as americano, espresso and cappuccino. Customers can choose between two types of beans – fruity and bitter. Both blends featured an exquisite aroma and delicious taste.

artistic close-up shot in a cafe

Budget-conscious customers will elect to savor one of the sets, a combination of an item from the drink and food menus. We opted for the waffle set, featuring one waffle divided into four parts. The waffle comes with a cube of salty butter and an offering of sweet syrup. The consistency of the waffle was slightly more crunchy than the traditional American and European waffles, which have a more fluffy and chewy consistency. As expected from an establishment serving food in Japan, we also received glasses of water. While it was possible to refill the glass, we had to walk to the counter and do this ourselves.

cafe counter

Another way to save money is to be the early bird and catch the worm. The cafe offers a breakfast menu that is available until 11.00, after which the prices rise slightly. Do not be discouraged by this, however, as the offerings were very satisfying in terms of presentation, quality, and quantity.

waffles served in a cafe


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