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The coffee shop “The Good Goodies” is a nice, quaint little place. Located a few minutes away by foot from Kamakura Station’s south exit, this cafe is fantastic for coffee lovers.

From Kamakura station, reaching the cafe is extremely easy. After coming out the south exit, take a left down the brick road, and the cafe will be down the first alley on your right. With a white sign that reads “The Good Goodies” in red block letters, the place is hard to miss. From the picture below, one can see that this coffee shop is a small place with a bench for outdoor seating. When better weather comes, the shop even puts out flowers for enhancing the outdoor seating. It makes casually drinking coffee with friends an even finer experience.

Kamakura cafe the Good Goodies - coffee, pastry, sweets galore

Entering the cafe, one finds themselves within a warm, cozy atmosphere. Besides their coffee, they offer a few different snacks that one can choose alongside their drink. When I visited, there were scones, cookies and banana bread. Like their sign also notes, they have various cakes as well.

Kamakura cafe "The Good Goodies" - not just coffee

Located upon the wall at left rests a billboard with many different papers that advertise numerous things. There were far too many for me to read all of them, but just the fact that cafe has a place dedicated to local advertisements really gave me a warm feeling of community. Visiting local shops like this gives an insight into the surrounding area, which can be a very nice experience.

Kamakura cafe The Good Goodies sells more than just coffee

Kamakura cafe The Good Goodies stocks shelves with more than just coffee

Aside from coffee, the cafe also sells various coffee-related goods.  Books, along with other items, are there simply for display.

Kamakura cafe The Good Goodies, coffee, donuts, silver plates galore

This was my delicious maple scone alongside black coffee. I’m excited to try more pastries or cakes the next time I visit. Their original blend coffee costs only 390 yen each regular size and 480 yen for a large (pictured above). They also offer other coffee bean varieties, which range from 500 to 600 yen. If you can get there anytime from 7:00am until 9:00am, they offer their special “Good Morning Coffee”. The special deal with the Good Morning Coffee is that they have small coffee priced starting at 100 yen, increasing by 100 yen for each progressing size.

Kamakura cafe The Good Goodies, interior view

Also, for those who like or prefer drip brew coffee, the Good Goodies is the right cafe for you. For those who do not know what drip brew coffee is, it involves pouring hot water over ground roasted coffee beans through a filter. The idea is that water seeps through the ground coffee, absorbs the oil and essences before passing through the filter. A little fact about drip coffee: it has widespread use among Japanese.

Kamakura cafe The Good Goodies, coffee filters for drip brew coffee

With this drip coffee set-up, you can watch the barista work right before you. Overall, this whole cafe experience is a nice way to get acquainted with the local Kamakura flavor while enjoying some great coffee and snacks on the side.

Name The Good Goodies
Category Cafe
Address 10-1 Onarimachi Kamakura-shi, Kanagawa-ken 248-0012
Access [map]10-1 Onarimachi Kamakura-shi, Kanagawa-ken 248-0012[/map]
Opening Hours Weekdays:7:00 - 18:00 Sat. Sun. National Holiday 9:00-18:00
Price Range 100 yen ~ 1000 yen
Payment options Both
Sim Bouphathong

Sim Bouphathong

Currently an exchange student at Aoyama University, I hope to experience as much of Japan as I possibly can and share that with visitors of Voyapon!

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