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Takahama in Fukui Prefecture, home to one of Asia’s two Blue Flag certified beaches, can be reached quickly and easily from Kyoto Station. And great news for anyone with a JR PASS, you can use your pass to get to Takahama!

If you’re in Japan or planning a future trip to Japan, then Takahama should definitely make its way into your travel itinerary. From the absolutely beautiful emerald waters to the lush green forests that cover the surrounding mountains, Takahama is a picture perfect destination.

For those of you unfamiliar with Blue Flag certification, it is a certification issued to beaches that meet or exceed a rigorous standard of environmental sustainability, safety and quality.

Theres something for everyone in Takahama. Relax and let your stress melt away at one of Takahama’s calming Zen beaches, put your fishing skills to the test in Wakasa-Wada’s traditional fishing district, brave the ocean in search of adventure or find your inner balance through SUP (Stand up Paddleboard) and SUP Yoga, try your hand at Japanese calligraphy with Takahama’s world famous instructor, or stay at a traditional Japanese guest house near the sea. All this and more awaits anyone who visits this paradise by the sea.

Step by step guide on how to get to Takahama from Kyoto Station:

Kyoto Station, a hub station heading for Takahama beaches, Japan.

The Hashidate platform can be a little tricky to find if it’s your first time at Kyoto Station, just look for the big purple E!

Step 1. Head to the JR ticket office or machine and purchase your ticket from Kyoto Station to Wakasa-Takahama Station. From Kyoto Station you will be taking the Hashidate Express to Ayabe Station (Reserved and non-reserved tickets are available for purchase). The ride should take a little over an hour (1hr 5mins) so have some lunch or just enjoy the view of the Japanese countryside.

Kyoto Station, a hub station heading for Takahama beaches, Japan.

My train left from track 31, but check the electronic boards to be sure!

Inside the Hashidate Express Train from Kyoto Station.

Relaxing dim lighting inside of the Hashidate Express Train

Inside the Hashidate Express Train from Kyoto Station.

All of the seats have foldout trays in case you’d like to have something to eat while you wait.

Step 2.  Once you arrive at Ayabe Station you’ll be transferring to one of the local train lines (Maizuru Line). It’s a very easy transfer as your next train is located directly across from the Hashidate platform. It’s a very small train, but has a very unique classic appearance so it’s shouldn’t be too hard to spot!

A classic looking train on the Maizuru Line

A classic looking train on the Maizuru Line

Step 3. You’ll be making your final transfer at Higashi-Maizuru Station. Again your train will be waiting on the opposite side of the platform that you arrive on. This time you’ll be hopping on the Obama Line train heading for Wakasa-Takahama Station!

Obama Line train heading to Takahama beach close to Kyoto.

There is also a direct Hashidate express train which takes you to Higashi-Maizuru Station without the need to transfer at Ayabe. Not every train will do this however, so pay attention to the schedule to know if you need to transfer at Ayabe or not. In only two and a half hours and for 3,990 yen, you can get from Kyoto to Wakasa Takahama Station!

Additional Tips

Tip 1. Something that a lot of us forget when traveling on local trains, the open and close buttons! If the doors don’t open automatically remember to press the green button!

A local train in Kyoto Prefecture, Japan.

Open and Close buttons on the local train

Tip 2. For easy access to Takahama’s beautiful Blue Flag beach, get off at Wakasa-Wada Station. The beach is just a few minutes walk from the station.

Wakasa Wada Station, Fukui Prefecture, Japan.

Tip 3. For easy access to Takahama’s other relaxing beaches, get off at Wakasa-Takahama Station.

Wakasa Takahama Station, Fukui Prefecture, Japan.

Tip 4. When it’s time to leave Takahama be aware that you can only purchase your Hashidate Express from the Wakasa-Takahama Station ticket office, not the automated machines. Indicate to the staff that your final destination is Kyoto Station and they should be able to issue you the correct tickets.

The ticketing office at JR Wakasa Takahama Station, Fukui, Japan.

Directly next to the ticket office is the Takahama Tourism Office, stop in for some guide books of the area or additional recommendations!

Map from Kyoto to Wakasa-Takahama Station:

Wakasa Takahama Tourist information Site: here

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