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Kamakura, a beachside city just an hour southwest of Tokyo, is an area rich with history and culture. Its history dates back many centuries, and has been the home to samurai and buddhist monks alike. Myohonji Temple is one of the oldest Nichiren Buddhist temples in Kamakura, and is only a short walk from JR Kamakura Station. It was built by Hiki Daigaku Saburo Yoshimoto of the Hiki clan in the 1200s. It is amazing to think that such an long-standing piece of history is just a stone’s throw away from bustling Tokyo!

Road to Myhohonji Temple with its history.

To get to Myohonji Temple from Tokyo, the easiest route is to take the Shonan-Shinjuku line from Shinjuku Station and alight at JR Kamakura Station. Exit from the east side of the station and continue heading east. The above photo shows the street that leads up to the temple.

Some dried fish on the way to Myohonji Temple to see its history.

We passed some fish being dried out in the sun. Apparently it is quite tasty!

Beautiful sign for Myohonji Temple that is a part of its history.

One of the many things I love about Japanese temples: the beautifully-carved old entrance gates.

After passing through the Myohonji Temple gate, there is a short and slightly steep incline to reach the top. Along the way you will spot some beautifully trees and flowers, some of which are so tall they can often block out much of the sunlight.

Flowers at the Myohonji Temple of a long history.

Flowers at the Myohonji Temple of a long history.

Map of Myohonji Temple area to explore its area with long history.

A map of the Myohonji Temple area. There is quite a lot to explore!

Staircase up to Myohonji Temple and its history.

Climb up the last set of steps, and you will arrive at Myohonji Temple!

Myohonji Temple gate and more of its history.

I was quite struck by Myohonji Temple as the combination of ancient architecture and peaceful nature came together to create a quiet, serene environment. It was amazing that it was this quiet when it was only a short walk from the crowded Kamakura Station!

Myohonji Temple and its history, this is the area where you wash your hands. There is a dragon statue.

If you continue to explore Myohonji Temple, you will find some immaculately crafted statues and structures, including the main temple itself. Everything here is surrounded by Kamakura’s beautiful natural environment.

Myohonji Temple building showing its history.

Myohonji Temple and a statue with history.

We were lucky enough to visit during the beginning stages of Japan’s annual sakura (cherry blossom) season, so it was fantastic to see the gorgeous flowers starting to bloom around the Myohonji Temple grounds.

Myohonji Temple near a graveyard with a long history.

Petals of a flower of the long history holding Myohonji Temple.

Regardless of the time of year, with the vast amount of natural plant life surrounding the temple grounds, Myohonji Temple is worth a visit if you are traveling to Kamakura. When it is such a short walk from the station, why would you not? You can find out more about Myohonji Temple and its extensive Buddhist history by visiting their website.

Name Myohonji Temple
Category Temple
Address 1-15-1 Omachi, Kamakura, Kanagawa Prefecture 248-0007
Access [map]1-15-1 Omachi, Kamakura, Kanagawa Prefecture 248-0007[/map]
Opening Hours
Price Range Free
Payment options
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