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Ishikawa Coffee is a boutique cafe in Kita-Kamakura, a tremendous temple town just 60 kilometers east of Tokyo. This historic townhouse has been tastefully altered to accommodate temple sightseers from around the world. Ishikawa Coffee is a short walk from Meigetsu-in temple, the hydrangea temple of Kita-Kamakura.

The retaining wall near Ishikawa Coffee, Kamakura

The retaining wall near Ishikawa Coffee

Ishikawa Coffee has the complete coffeehouse experience. The steep stone retaining wall from street level makes the building conspicuous upon approach. As I trudged up the rustic iron stairs, I knew I was about to enter a cafe that was proud of its coffee. After opening the robust wooden door, the smell of coffee grinds is immediate. The centerpiece of the entry is shelving with large jars of Ishikawa Coffee beans. This artistic presentation displays the plethora of coffee the business has on sale. Take your time to peruse the beans that will make the perfect cup of coffee for you.

coffee beans in a coffee house in Kamakura

Select your coffee beans

Ishikawa Coffee maintains minimalist décor with few tables and one long bench for patrons. We were shown to a seat by the amiable customer service staff and offered an English menu. The prominent feature in the cafe is a tall counter where a sole barista works his magic. There are all sorts of scientific-looking machines and clear glass containers perched atop the mahogany counter. I now realized that, for this cafe, beverages are serious business.

cafe in Kamakura

Inside Ishikawa Coffee

We selected the dark roast coffee, an iced coffee, and the cake set. I encourage you to indulge and order the cheesecake and pound cake. In my opinion, temple trekking requires the odd sugar boost. If you’re sitting at the wall bench like we were, make sure you swivel and watch the barista concentrate on making the best cup of coffee possible. Like other cafes and restaurant in the area, expect the bill to be as steep as the climb to the cafe; 500 yen is the lowest price you will pay for a small cup of black coffee. The cakes and other snacks are priced fairly – around 450 yen each.

coffee and cake in cafe in Kamakura

Delicious coffee and sweets

If you’re visiting Meigetsu-in temple, make the effort to walk a little further up the scenic hill to Ishikawa Coffee. It is the perfect place for morning tea. The Kita-Kamakura hills are a sight to behold in themselves, so a quick jaunt to the cafe is a must-do. Ishikawa Coffee has all the attributes of a professional boutique coffeehouse.

Name Ishikawa Coffee
Category Cafe
Address 〒247-0062 Kanagawa Prefecture, Kamakura, Yamanouchi Meigetsugayatsu197−52
Access [map]〒247-0062 Kanagawa Prefecture, Kamakura, Yamanouchi Meigetsugayatsu197−52[/map]
Opening Hours 11:00-17:00(cafe11:00-15:00); closed Wednesday and Thursday
Price Range About 1,100 yen for coffee and cake
Payment options Cash
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