Tamago-yu is a ryokan and spa which sits in the resort town of Takayu Onsen. Easily accessible by bus from JR Fukushima Station, this ryokan (Japanese inn) is famous for it's open-air hot springs (onsen) submerged in the mountains.
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Tamago-yu, Takayu Onsen: An Onsen Lover’s Paradise

Sponsored by Fukushima City Tourism and Convention Association   A stone’s throw away from Fukushima City, in Fukushima prefecture, is Tamago-yu – an onsen lover’s paradise! Tamago-yu is a ryokan and spa which sits in the resort town of Takayu Onsen. Easily accessible by bus from JR Fukushima Station, this ryokan (Japanese inn)…
Japanese fan for Nichibu dance
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Step into Traditional Japanese Culture: Kimono’s and Nichibu Dancing

Sponsored by The Tourism Association of Central Region in Fukushima Prefecture Koriyama Koriyama city is located in central Fukushima Prefecture. Because of its convenient location, and because both the Tohoku and Banetsu Highways and the Shinkansen run through the city, it acts as the commercial capital…
Roman No Mori autocamp
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Forget the Cities! A Glimpse into Japanese Camping

Many people’s image of Japan is filled with neon lights in never-ending cities and temples carved out of wood older than ourselves. But what some may not know, is that Japan is actually covered in more forestry and mountains (70%!) than the inhabited areas. The lush green landscape outstretches concrete city mazes, but without a car, it’s sometimes hard to get out and experience this side of Japan.