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Hidden in the heart of the mountains of the Yuzawa region, there are many small onsen villages to relax: welcome to Oyasukyo Onsen. Take time to immerse yourself in this special culture and become familiarized with the ryokan, a traditional Japanese inn. A ryokan’s hospitality and great care for travelers are superb. Come and stay at this unique accommodation, Motoyu Kurabu, which is a part of Oyasukyo Onsen.

Oyasukyo Onsen in Yuzawa to Experience the Authentic Ryokan, Akita prefecture, Tohoku, Japan.

An Onsen Surrounded by Nature

Oyasukyo Onsen is indeed a remote place hidden in deep mountains. Visitors come here to relax and connect with nature (if in Japan, we never really lose it, though). Many accommodations will offer you a unique and traditional bath experience. I was fortunate to stay at Motoyu Kurabu, one of the area’s most luxurious ryokan. This ryokan would deserve some stars if it was located in France. The outdoor onsen offers you a beautiful mountain view covered with snow. The hot springs are not mixed, but if you want to share them with your family, several suites have private onsen. Unfortunately, it was snowing a little when I visited, but the landscape masked in thick fog also added some charm.

Japanese Traditional Architecture

Motoyu Kurabu represents the quintessence of Japanese architecture, combined with the comfort of the 21st century. At the entrance, you put your shoes in a heated space (I appreciated this detailed care because it was freezing). The ryokan staff was always welcoming and caring while I walked along a long corridor to my room on the soft tatami.

Upon arriving at your room, you will be awestruck. Firstly, it is the scent of sweet wood which fills the room. Then, notice all the slender and minimalist architectures. If you book a suite, you will have the joy of having access to your private onsen, to relax and keep your privacy. Also, you can put on a yukata after your bath to wrap your comfort. Upstairs (yes, the suites have a separate bedroom!), comfortable futons are waiting for you to spend the night. Motoyu Kurabu provides access to free Wi-Fi, as well as all bath accessories (towels, beauty products, toothbrushes…).

Try Local Gastronomy

If you don’t try a kaiseki ryori meal in Japan, you will miss a great culinary experience. Why? Because having the honor of eating a kaiseki dinner means enjoying an exceptional meal made with local ingredients with unparalleled freshness. Many people will admire the fine presentation of these beautiful dishes. Your mouth will appreciate a tasty meal cooked by talented chefs.

Kaiseki ryori is the aesthetic and harmonious alliance of tastes, textures, appearance, and colors; It’s an art rather than merely cooking. No one offers better cuisine than Motoyu Kurabu. A succession of fifteen small dishes will allow you to discover the flavors of the region. In addition, a nice selection of local sake and shochu (Japanese spirits) can accompany your meal. The private dinner space will avoid any disturbances.

In the morning, forget the coffee and the brioche to taste the traditional Japanese breakfast, Japanese breakfast is famous for keeping you healthy for a long time. For Westerners, the experience is not always easy to wake up to, but tastefully, it is delicious. If you are brave enough, try natto (fermented soybeans) in their miso soup.

How to Get To Oyasukyo Onsesn?

Oyasukyo Onsen is a remote area. I recommend that you rent a car or take a bus from Yuzawa Station. The bus doesn’t run very often, but you can get there without problems. The route of Ugo Kotsu Bus takes about one hour and costs 1,120 yen from the front of Yuzawa Station Tourist Office to Oyasukyo Onsen or Motoyu Onsen.

Tip: This is something peculiar about Japan. We took a numbered ticket when we got on a bus, and we paid the driver at the exit. You can use a 1,000 yen bill or coins to pay for it. Take the opportunity to discover the charms of the area and local crafts, by stopping at the Yuzawa Arts & Crafts Museum.

Regarding fares, consider between 11,000 to 17,000 yen per person to stay at Motoyu Kurabu. This price includes sleeping, onsen, kaiseki dinner, and breakfast.

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