Ceramic tanuki statue in Shigaraki village
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Shigaraki Village: Ceramic Tanuki and An Integration Project for Disabled People

Shigaraki (信楽町) is a village in Shiga Prefecture (滋賀県), east of Kyoto. The Prefecture is not only home to the biggest lake in Japan, Lake Biwako, but the Japanese also associate Shigaraki with a surprising speciality. Clay racoons (known as tanuki in Japanese) are produced…
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An Escape to Shiga: Close Proximity to Kyoto and Stunning Views of Lake Biwa

Sponsored by Seibu Holdings Inc.   Shiga Prefecture, next to the ultra-famous Kyoto, is not the most famous destination in Japan, yet Shiga has a number of attractions which make for an unforgettable trip. Only 10 minutes by train from the former imperial capital Kyoto, you can see…