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Yufuin is known for onsen, but its surrounding nature is just so appealing. This rich geography give you in the middle of nature, so why not renting a bike for more different perspective on the city and its surroundings?

Depart from Mount Yufu (Yufudake)

Take a panoramic view of Mount Yufu, a volcano that rises to 1584 meters above sea level. But close to Yufuin is another peak, located 800 meters above sea level, it is known for hiking and you can enjoy a nice bike ride from the heights.

A guide will take you to the mountain by car to avoid the up-climbing bike so that you only enjoy the downhill cycling: the descent, while admiring the surrounding landscape.

Cycling from Mount Yufudake near Yufuin, Oita Prefecture, Japan

The mountain and its assets

Start your ride! From the beginning, you might enjoy the mountain views with a beautiful contrast of green and sky blue, it might be a best to capture this scenery.

Landscapes on a bike ride near Yufuin, Oita Prefecture, Japan

Shrines on Mount Yufudake near Yufuin, Oita Prefecture, Japan

During your ride, you will come across some historical sites to stop by.

View from Yufudake Mountain near Yufuin, Oita Prefecture, Japan

Climber? If you have a courage enough, you can climb up to peaks. Even if this climb might be tough one, the panorama at the end will be worth the effort. You will see an impressive view. Admire instead:

View from Yufudake Mountain in Yufuin City, Oita Prefecture, Japan

Keeping your ride, then you will feel like visiting some observatories one after another, some of them also has small shops and some drink vending machines, and always have this superb view of Yufuin.

Cycling from Mount Yufudake near Yufuin, Oita Prefecture, Japan

Continuing your way on the winding roads, hand over the brakes, you will enjoy a shade of trees to listen to the sound of birds.

Walk in Yufuin

When you get to Yufuin village, you will find more shops and houses. So what better than to stop in order to buy local products such as kabosu or matcha, for example.

Shops in the quiet streets of Yufuin, Oita Prefecture, Japan

Local specialties to bring back from Yufuin, Oita Prefecture, Japan

Once arrived at the city, some houses reminds of me the chalets on mountains in France. But bamboo forests will notice me that we are in Japan. Then you may test different onsens. If you feel like it, you can soak in the hot springs baths before cycling.

The small streets of Yufuin City, Oita Prefecture, Japan

Rice fields and mountains near Yufuin, Oita Prefecture, Japan

Before reaching the center of Yufuin, do not miss the rice fields.

Rice fields and mountains near Yufuin, Oita Prefecture, Japan

Once you enter Yufuin, you can go for a stroll by bicycle, like just following this stream. You will sometimes find the rice fields with the mountain or different traditional Japanese houses, which will make you dive into old times of Japan.

Small stream near Yufuin, Oita Prefecture, Japan

If you have more time, discover Yufuin and its small areas on foot such as the shopping streets, Lake Kirin, and so on.

Rental bicycle and discovery of Yufuin

Visit the following links to find all the detailed information about rental bicycle (in English):

To discover more about Yufuin City and its main attractions, check out the official website here.

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