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Victoria Main Store – Eight Floors of Ski and Snowboard Equipment in Central Tokyo

It is a little-known fact among foreigners that 73% of Japan is mountainous. With most of the Japanese residential population scattered between these summits in low-lying plains, the natural beauty of the mountains are left relatively untouched. In the winter months, these areas become fantastic…
Nakanojo Biennale , An art festival at Nakanojo town, Gunma prefecture, Japan.
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Nakanojo Biennale – Meet the Artists Beautifying the Japanese Countryside

Sponsored by Nakanojo tourism association Margherita Marchioni (Left) with Kazue Taguchi (Right) Starting on September 9th, the town of Nakanojo, Gunma will begin their 6th Biennale. This art festival, which is held in the rural Gunma town every other year, combines eager young artists and…