Breakfast at Ikenoyamasou Ryokan, Fukuoka Prefecture
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Kyushu’s Culinary Secrets: Exploring the Essentials of Japanese Cuisine in Fukuoka Prefecture

Sponsored by Kyushu District Transport Bureau Japan’s mountainous landscape is made up of rich, volcanic soil which, combined with innovation and heritage, has given birth to some of the finest products in the country. The climate is mild and benefits from warm sea breezes, so…
Zen time during a calligraphy class at Kofoku-ji Temple, Gifu Prefecture, Japan
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Experience Zen Meditation at a Temple in Nakatsugawa

Sponsored by Nakatsugawa city. Zen is probably one of the most illustrious Japanese philosophies. Synonymous with rest or well-being for many in everyday language, Zen originated from a Japanese branch of Mahāyāna Buddhism that focuses on meditation. Tea ceremony at Iouji Temple 医王寺 Japanese tea ceremonies are…
Daikozenji Temple (大興善寺) in Saga Prefecture, established in the early 9th century
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Admire the Colors of Autumn at Daikozenji Temple

Sponsored by Saga Prefectural Tourism Federation   Daikozenji Temple (大興善寺) in Saga Prefecture, established in the early 9th century, is also the perfect site to appreciate the changing seasons in nature. Daikozenji Temple by Season Daikozenji Temple boasts 50,000 azaleas (tsutsuji in Japanese), which are in…