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As Japan’s main island’s most western region, Chugoku remains an off-the-beaten-path destinations for many visitors. Nonetheless, even outside its most-known city Hiroshima the region has plenty to offer in terms of vast nature and memorable sights.  Starting in Hiroshima with its atomic dome and Peace Memorial Park which makes anyone take a moment of silence. Beyond the city itself lies the island of Miyajima with its beautiful shrine and tori gate in the sea. Nearby lies the prefecture of Okayama with many charming merchants districts and one of Japan’s three finest landscape gardens, Korakuen Garden. Yamaguchi Prefecture is located  on the far-western end of Honshu and has historically been the location where  South Korea, China and Japan met. Tottori to the east is well-known for its coast line and sand dunes which are regarded as Japan’s only “dessert”.  The final prefecture within Chugoku is Shimane Prefecture. Although it is Japan’s second least populated prefecture it is also home to Isumo Taisha, one of Shinto’s holiest shrine.