Sake lineup at Matsuura Ichi Shuzo in Saga prefecture
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Visit a Local Saké Brewery in Saga and check out the Legendary Kappa Mummy

Sponsored by Saga Prefectural Tourism Federation     Trying local delicacies wherever you go, in Japan or around the world, is an important part and joy of traveling. Japan is famous for saké and nihonshu, the nation’s own types of alcohol. Just as beer breweries are…
crane bird watching in Izumi
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Izumi, a Cranes’ Paradise: Observation Center and Ryokan

Sponsored by Izumi City   Cranes (Tsuru in Japanese) are migratory birds that play a very important in the Japanese culture. They are often represented in old paintings, symbolizing fulfillment and hope. Unlike many other birds, cranes are much more difficult to observe. In fact, many…