Futago-ji temple at Kunisaki peninsula, Oita prefecture, Japan.
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Celebrating 1300 Years of History of Rokugo Manzan at Kunisaki Peninsula

Sponsored by Tourism Oita Kunisaki Peninsula (国東半島) is a beautiful rural area centred around Mount Futago in northern Oita Prefecture. Here, a 1300 history of Buddhism and Shintoism and mountain worship moulded Kunisaki Peninsula into an ancient training place for those seeking spiritual enlightenment. The combination of these beliefs have created a local culture, unique to the area,…
Murakami Lacquerware, A local craftwork with a long history.
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Murakami Lacquerware – The Specialty Handicraft of Niigata

Sponsored by Murakami City During my trip to Murakami city, I learned about the numerous “charm points” of this interesting town. Besides beautiful beaches and delicious food and drink, Murakami also has a history of making “Tsuishu” or red lacquerware. Most westerners would typically associate…
Tsuchiyu Onsen is a quaint town in the western part of Fukushima, Tohoku, Japan.
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Tsuchiyu Onsen: A Fusion of Kokeshi and Onsen !

Sponsored by Fukushima City Tourism and Convention Association Situated in the Tohoku region, Tsuchiyu Onsen, (土湯温泉) is a quaint town in the western part of Fukushima. Amongst other things, Tohoku is renowned for producing traditional Japanese dolls (kokeshi), and showcasing alluring hot springs (onsen). It’s just as well then, that…