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Isama District , ranked in ‘the 100 most beautiful village in Japan’ and full of arts!

Sponsored by Nakanojo Tourism Association I’m not sure if it’s just me, but recently I’ve been a little obsessed with abandoned places. I’ve been tracking them down across Japan and even looking at some in England for future reference, but I can’t really explain why…
samurai house street in Shimabara
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Shimabara Bukeyashiki Samurai Houses at Teppo-Machi, Nagasaki

Shimabara town is overlooked by the sloping Mt. Inou. Row upon row of houses have retreated to its mountainside since times of class distinction. Significantly lower yes righteously disposed is the towering Shimabara castle. A short stroll to the samurai residence, the bukeyashiki of Shimabara, shows that those lower than the daimyo lord once lived higher than him.